Unified Communication X (UCX) Framework


The UCX framework is a collaboration between industry, laboratories, and academia to create an open-source production grade communication framework for data centric and high-performance applications. UCX is performance oriented for low-overheads in communication path allowing near native-level performance while enabling cross platform unified API supporting various network Host Card Adapters (HCAs) and processor technologies (x86, ARM and PowerPC). UCX is part of the HPC-X® ScalableHPC Software Toolkit.

UCX Ease of Use

  • Protocols and transports are selected by capabilities and performance estimations, rather than hard-coded definitions
  • Accelerators are represented as a transport, driven by a generic “glue” layer, which will work with all communication networks
  • The framework exposes two levels of API – low-level and high-level APIs, allowing easy integration with a wide range of applications and middleware

Supported Transports

  • RDMA (InfiniBand) and RoCE (Ethernet) – RC, DC, UD
  • Shared Memory - Posix, SysV, knem, cma, xpmem
  • Cray/uGNI

Supported Operating Systems

  • Linux based OSs, as listed for Mellanox Linux drivers support of Linux OSs

Processor Architectures

  • x86_64, ARM (64-bit), PowerPC

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