Multicore Software

Mellanox processors support C/C++ programming, Linux distribution and standard development tools to enable programmers to utilize a familiar environment and to design, implement and verify their control-plane and data-plane applications. A comprehensive library of source-code networking applications that can be embedded into the customer's own application software is provided to expedite time-to-market and ensure optimized and high-performance designs. In addition, an ecosystem of third party pre-integrated software verified with Mellanox processors for a variety of network applications is available.

Multicore Software includes:

  • TILE-Gx Applications Packages - Application packages featuring production deployed code to help its customers simplify and accelerate their development efforts and expedite the time-to-market of their system products.
  • Multicore Development Environment™ - A complete, standards-based multicore programming solution that enables developers to take full advantage of the parallel-processing potential of the TILE-Gx Processor architecture.

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