TILE-Gx72 Processor

Seventy Two Core Processor SoC with 8x 10Gb Ethernet Ports, PCIe and Networking Offloads

The TILE-Gx72™ Processor is optimized for intelligent networking, multimedia and cloud applications, and delivers remarkable computing and I/O with complete “system-on-a-chip” features. The device includes 72 identical processor cores (tiles) interconnected with the iMesh™ on-chip network. Each tile consists of a full-featured, 64-bit processor core as well as L1 and L2 cache and a non-blocking Terabit/sec switch that connects the tiles to the mesh and provides full cache coherence among all the cores.

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  • The TILE-Gx72 is ideal for applications such as:
    • 80 - 100 Gbps of networking and security dataplane offload
    • 80 Gbps packet filtering and bandwidth management
    • 40 Gbps SSL/IPsec security protocol processing
    • High-performance computing offload across PCIe
    • H.264/H.265 high-density video transcoding

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