FabricIT BridgeX Manager (BXM)

Efficient Management of Virtual I/O for InfiniBand in the Data Centers

Virtualization and cloud computing require a new class of on-demand I/O service where traditional I/O with multiple storage and networking cards on a single server is not efficient or cost effective. BridgeX gateway improves data center efficiency by enabling network consolidation with Virtual I/O using ConnectX InfiniBand adapters, allowing a server with a single physical adapter over a single cable to connect to Ethernet LAN. IT Managers can repurpose their server(s) dynamically with a single ConnectX InfiniBand card to create multiple virtual NICs (vNIC) based on user demand. Flexibility to dynamically repurpose servers is achieved using FabricIT BridgeX Manager (BXM) fabric management software.

FabricIT BXM is robust management software running on BridgeX gateways to manage I/O consolidation for cluster, cloud, and virtual environments. It simplifies connectivity from an efficient InfiniBand network to Ethernet LAN. Supported key features include discovery of network virtualization hardware, creation, addition, and deletion of Virtual I/O, association of each Virtual I/O connection to network or storage, flexibility to repurpose the LAN ports on the gateway, security, I/O isolation and redundancy. Standard CLI and Web GUI interface allows users the flexibility to manage, provision, and orchestrate network virtualization for the entire fabric with no changes to the physical servers, switches, and storage targets.

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