Mellanox MetroX®-2 Systems

Extending Seamless Connectivity to 200Gb/s HDR InfiniBand Data Centers

Mellanox MetroX®-2 Systems based on the 200Gb/s HDR InfiniBand Mellanox Quantum™ Switch, extend InfiniBand to data centers 10 and 40 km apart. MetroX-2 systems-deliver up to 100Gb/s data throughput, enabling native RDMA connectivity across distributed compute or storage platforms.

Built with the Mellanox Quantum InfiniBand switch device, the MetroX-2 solution provides up to 2 EDR InfiniBand long-haul ports and 8 HDR InfiniBand ports, delivering up to 100Gb/s data throughput for distances of 10 and 40 kilometers. Using MetroX-2 extends the availability of InfiniBand’s high data throughput, native Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) communications and advanced routing and Mellanox Scalable Hierarchical Aggregation and Reduction Protocol (SHARP)™ to remote InfiniBand platforms, with a distance of 10 and 40 kilometers between them.

MLNX-OS® Management

Mellanox MLNX-OS® chassis management software stack provides administrative tools to manage firmware, power supplies, fans, ports, and other system interfaces. MetroX-2 software has a GUI-based web management that provides full alarm, event history, activities log and performance monitoring for all optical modules.

UFM® Management

MetroX-2 systems can also be coupled with Mellanox’s Unified Fabric Manager (UFM®) software for managing scale-out computing environments. UFM enables data center operators to efficiently provision, monitor and operate the modern data center fabric.

MetroX-2 Systems
TQ8100-HS2F TQ8200-HS2F
高度 1RU 1RU
Long Haul Ports 2 2
下行链路端口 8 8
Long Haul Ports Speed 100Gb/s EDR 100Gb/s EDR
下行链路端口速度 200Gb/s HDR 200Gb/s HDR
吞吐量 200Gb/s 200Gb/s
距离 10Km 40Km

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