Market and Application Expansion Fuels 150% Growth of Installed Base of High-Performance Interconnect Solutions

NEW YORK CITY, NY AND SANTA CLARA, CA -- April 20, 2005-- MellanoxTM Technologies Ltd, the leader in high-performance business computing interconnects, today announced that more than 500,000 of its InfiniBandSM ports have been shipped to customers for a broad range of products including clustered servers, high-bandwidth switches, embedded platforms and clustered storage. The significant growth is a result of accelerated deployment in enterprise data centers and continued momentum in HPC (high-performance computing) applications.

The announcement was made concurrent with the 3rd Annual Linux on Wall Street Show and Conference in New York City, where Mellanox is exhibiting (Booth No. 221).

Market adoption of InfiniBand-based solutions is accelerating, stated Eyal Waldman, CEO of Mellanox.  Whereas it took three years of shipments to reach the 200,000 port milestone, the installed base of InfiniBand ports has quickly grown 150% in just this last year.

The explosive market acceptance is occurring in performance-driven business and technical computing applications where standard rack-mounted servers, as well as server blades are being connected with InfiniBand to create high-performance, low-cost compute clusters. Combined with field-proven software drivers, operating system and business application support, InfiniBand technology continues to be deployed in enterprise data centers. In financial institutions on Wall Street and elsewhere, InfiniBand s 10Gbps performance and ultra low-latency create solutions that deliver trading advantages, risk assessment benefits, and other business management differentiation. In addition, Mellanox has experienced burgeoning interest for its high-performance InfiniBand interface technology in clustered storage and embedded systems markets.

In the past six months, several key InfiniBand milestones have been achieved including:

  • Cisco Systems announced a definitive agreement to acquire Topspin Communications, Inc., a leading InfiniBand switch provider, further validating InfiniBand s value proposition in data center environments
  • IBM announced InfiniBand support for its DB2 Integrated Cluster Edition (ICE), delivering turnkey clustered database solutions for up to 1,000 nodes
  • Infinicon announced production support for InfiniBand and Oracle 10g
  • InfiniBand debuts as the only 10Gb/s interconnect in production for blade servers available from vendors such as Appro, Ciara, Dell, Hitachi, Iwill, NEC and SBS
  • InfiniBand interconnects the World's #2 Most Powerful Computer (NASA, 52+ TFlops) for 2004
  • Standard InfiniBand drivers and IPoIB protocol are added directly to the Linux kernel tree (version 2.6.11)
  • Demonstration of 20Gb/s InfiniBand node solutions and InfiniBand Trade Association approves 120Gb/s specification
  • SBS announces a VME (VITA 41) InfiniBand solution further entrenching InfiniBand as the only standard 10Gb/s interconnect technology in production for embedded applications
  • Availability of 2 Watt InfiniBand adapters, the only single-chip 10Gb/s interconnect solution with RDMA and Hardware Transport
  • InfiniBand becomes the only 10Gb/s I/O technology Landed on Motherboard (LOM) from manufacturers such as Iwill, Ciara and Arima
  • HP launches an on-demand computing center in Europe using Voltaire InfiniBand solutions
  • InfiniBand storage platform demonstrations and announcements from vendors including DataDirect, Engenio, Isilon, Terrascale and Western Scientific
  • Sun announces utility computing solution based on InfiniBand

About InfiniBand

InfiniBand is the only 10Gb/s interconnect solution shipping in volume today that addresses low-latency compute clustering, communication, storage and embedded applications. An industry-standard technology, InfiniBand provides reliability, availability, serviceability and manageability features to address the needs of both data centers and performance computing environments. With leading price/performance, low power, and small footprint combined with proven, open-source software support and a well defined roadmap to 120Gb/s, InfiniBand is the ideal in-the-box and out-of-the-box performance interconnect technology.

About Mellanox

Mellanox field-proven offering of interconnect solutions for communications, storage and compute clustering are changing the shape of both business and technical computing. As the leader of industry-standard, InfiniBand-based silicon and system solutions, Mellanox is the driving force behind the most cost-effective, highest performance interconnect solutions available. For more information on Mellanox, visit

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