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The Project:

Size: Expansion from 36 nodes to 108 nodes
Primary SI: DELL

The Challenges:

  • Sears generally uses their cluster for Ad-Hoc projects and to a lesser extent, for Sears Data Scientists.
  • Expansion of Sears current environment from 36 nodes to 108 nodes
  • Converting FDRnon –blocking 1:1 IB network, to a 2:1 blocking IB network
  • Keep Dual-Homed IB Connection configuration

The solution:

  • Migration of 2 Spine and 4 Leaf switches configuration to 3 Spine and 9 Leaf switches configuration
  • Housing all of the spine switches within the same rack

The Benefit:

The expansion allows Sears to optimize their IB network and set Sears rack’s power utilization.

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