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Project Delivery Services – Remote


With years of practical hands-on experience, the Mellanox Services team enables customers and partners to focus on their core business while we do the heavy lifting. Our expert Field Service Engineers are backed up by our three-tier Support team, subject matter experts, and with direct access to Engineering for exceptional instances. By choosing Mellanox Services, customers and partners can expect to reduce time-to-production and increase overall ROI.


The Remote Project Delivery Services implementation package is designed to accelerate the deployment and configuration of Mellanox InfiniBand fabrics and Mellanox Ethernet networks. Additionally, this package provides the customer with valuable knowledge regarding the use and management of the Mellanox products within the customer’s specific environment.


Mellanox Remote Project Delivery Services packages include Project Management delivered over the lifecycle of the engagement.
Each package consists of the following services: (i) Logical installation, upgrade, and configuration of Mellanox software and hardware products; (ii) Network health check; (iii) Best practice performance tuning; (iv) Knowledge transfer.

Project Management

Mellanox will assign a dedicated Project Delivery Manager (PDM) to be the point-of-contact pre and post delivery. The PDM will provide a SOW detailing the scope of work to be completed by Mellanox. The PDM will coordinate with end users, OEMs, resellers, and other vendors, and will arrange the deployment of Mellanox on-site staff.

Logical Installation, Upgrade, and Configuration of Mellanox Software and Hardware Products

An experienced Mellanox Field Service Engineer (FSE) will remotely perform Logical installation, and/or upgrade, and/or configuration of:

  • Mellanox Managed Switch and Gateway Systems:
    • Software and firmware will be updated to the most current or agreed-upon version
    • Configured per Mellanox best practices and customer designs
  • Mellanox Adapter:
    • Firmware updated
  • Mellanox Driver Installation:
  • Mellanox Management Software:
    • Software installed or upgraded to the most current or agreed-upon version
    • Configured per Mellanox best practices

Network Health Check

The FSE will ensure the readiness of the Mellanox InfiniBand fabric and/or Mellanox Ethernet network:

  • The Mellanox network will be reviewed to ensure that it is free of faults and errors
  • All Mellanox hardware will be reviewed to ensure that it is free of faults and errors
  • All Mellanox software will be reviewed to ensure that it is free of faults and errors
  • When applicable, the cable topology will be validated

Best Practice Performance Tuning

  • Where applicable, best practice performance tuning is available
  • Where applicable, best practice performance testing is available

Knowledge Transfer

  • Operational knowledge transfer will be provided during the deployment activities

Package Offering and Duration

The Remote Project Delivery Services implementation package consists of one prepaid session per workday. The number of sessions required for each engagement is determined by the number of switches and end nodes serviced. Mellanox GPS believes this service is best suited to smaller deployments, and therefore a single session should be sufficient for the majority of customers.

Ordering Part Number Description Quantity
GPS-00001 Remote fabric health check, best practices review Determined by network size

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