Started in 1993, the TOP500 TOP500 lists the fastest computers used today, ranked according to Linpack benchmark results. Published twice a year, the TOP500 list provides an important tool for tracking usage trends in high-performance computing. The 52nd TOP500 List was released during the November Supercomputing’18 conference.

TOP500 52nd List Highlights

Mellanox connects 53 percent of overall TOP500 platforms or 265 systems, including both InfiniBand and Ethernet, compared to 192 systems in Nov’17, representing 38 percent increase in twelve months.

InfiniBand accelerates nearly 55 percent of the total HPC systems on the list and is the most used high-speed interconnect for the TOP500 systems.


  • Mellanox connects 53% of overall TOP500 platforms or 265 systems (InfiniBand and Ethernet), demonstrating 38% Growth in 12 months (Nov’17-Nov’18)
  • InfiniBand为全球最快的HPC和AI超级计算机——橡树岭国家实验室的“Summit”系统——提供加速
  • InfiniBand accelerates the top 3 supercomputers in the world - #1 (USA), #2 (USA), #3 (China)
  • InfiniBand connects 135 supercomputers, or nearly 55% of overall HPC systems on the TOP500 list
  • InfiniBand connects nearly 3X the number of new systems (2018) on the list versus Omnipath, and 7.5X systems versus Cray’s proprietary network
  • InfiniBand is the most used high-speed interconnect for the TOP500 systems
  • Mellanox connects 130 Ethernet systems (25 Gigabit and faster), or 51% of total Ethernet systems
  • The TOP500 list has evolved to include both HPC and cloud / hyperscale (non-HPC) platforms
  • TOP500榜单中接近半数的平台均属于非HPC应用平台(大部分基于以太网)
  • InfiniBand是HPC和AI基础设施首选的互联技术
  • Mellanox Ethernet is the interconnect of choice for cloud and hyperscale platform