56GbE enabled on Mellanox 40GbE/QSFP switch. Leverage 56GbE free of charge!

Mellanox's 56GbE provides 40% more bandwidth over traditional 40GbE. Storage backend fabrics leverages the extra bandwidth for quicker operation. That quick leverage becomes critical when failure happens and fast convergence is key to minimize the impact of the storage network. Mellanox 56GbE enables better use of replicated data upon failures and wider pipes when traffic is redirected to the mLAG links.

Performance Report by The Tolly Group

Predictable, Zero-loss, Wire-speed Throughput
Unexpected packet loss in the network is unacceptable especially as network performance continues to grow. Read this report on the importance of zero packet loss and the fundamental differences between Mellanox Spectrum and Broadcom Tomahawk based switches. Learn some interesting facts about its cut-through limitations. Want to keep all your data intact? Then get the report below.

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56GbE Use Case Scenario

Better VMS (Leaf-Spine) Architecture

More bandwidth between leaf and spine means it allows for better scalability with same amount of hardware. It also reduces total cost reduction when using less hardware than competing products.

Faster mLAG

Reduce congestion with 56GbE and avoid vendor proprietary inter-switch linking. Upon link failure, heavy traffic is going through the Inter-switch-links.

56GbE for Storage Networks

Build a faster, lower latency storage network with 56GbE to your existing 40GbE network. Improves isolation for easier troubleshooting.

56GbE Storage Acceleration Graph

56GbE accelerates CEPH Storage Network

Customers Leveraging 56GbE

Zadara: 56GbE for iSER+mLAG

iSER over SX1012 Switches

  • Active-Active protection using mLAG
  • SX1012 saves 1RU, due to half-width form factor
  • 3X inter-node performance boost
  • 10X total performance boost end-to-end
  • Improvements seen in latency, IOPS, throughput

Faster link failure recovery with 56GbE between mLAG switches

Nelson Nahum, CEO, Zadara Storage
“ With Mellanox-based iSER, we were able to achieve performance increases of 3X to 10X. The SX1012 provides unmatched value.”

University of Houston

Keith A. Crabb, Manager, High Performance Computing
“ Good layering and handles all the normal VLAN tagging, etc.. without any problems at all.¬† The 56GbE solution is pretty nice though and the price point is very attractive, frankly just hard to beat period ”

Australian National University: OpenStack over 56GbE

Allan Williams, Associate Director, Services and Technologies National Computational Infrastructure
“ Selecting Mellanox for our high performance switching infrastructure has provided a flexible fabric, allowing us to take advantage high speed Ethernet, Mellanox's professional services staff that assisted with installation were extremely knowledgeable and professional in the delivery of our solution.”

Saratoga Speed: iSER Over RoCE

Saratoga Speed Altamont XP-L

  • All flash array (2U, up to 50TB usable)
  • 2x 40/56 GbE NICs, 4 ports used

4 Initiator Servers

  • 1x 40/56 GbE NIC, 1 port used
  • 32 jobs each, queue depth 32

Performance Using 56Gb RoCE

  • 11.6+ GB/s sequential read throughput, 64K blocks
  • 2.7M+ sequential read IOPS, 4k blocks